Accommodating Guests with Dietary Restrictions

Due to health and lifestyle choices, more and more people have dietary restrictions.  Not everybody will be willing to bring their dietary restrictions up to the bride.  There are a few ways that you can accommodate your guest's needs so that everyone can enjoy the festivities.

When sending out your invitations, leave a spot on the response card for guests to fill out.  This line can be written as such:
My dietary restrictions/allergies are:
Please indicate any dietary requirements:

Once you have a good idea of guest's needs, speak with your caterer.  If you have a guest with a severe gluten intolerance or peanut allergy, their meal may need to be prepped separately.  Avoiding cross contamination is important when dealing with allergies.

Often times, caterers have much experience in this matter.  Most caterers are extremely accommodating when it comes to allergies and restrictions.  Avoiding cross contamination is a method frequently used when cooking and prepping.  There are gluten free options for those who don't consume gluten.  For vegans, the use of nut milks can be offered, vegetarian meals, as well as fruit for dessert.  More vegetable or legume based meals can be offered vegetarians.