How to Entertain Guests

Many couples are always thinking of ways to entertain their guests at the wedding.  We are bringing you several ways to do this!

One of the first and foremost ideas is to provide music and dancing.  Most couples opt for a DJ.  However, there are other choices such as a string quartet for a more formal wedding, or a country band for a casual or rustic themed wedding.  Some couples who have strong cultural roots opt to go with cultural entertainment.

Providing games is another way of entertaining your guests.  Cornhole Toss is a popular option at outdoor weddings, as is croquet.  Some other games that can be done is a wedding madlibs and an "I Spy" with cell phones.

More couples are opting for stations.  Stations can be waffle bars, taco bars, an ice cream stand, mimosa station, or candy buffet.

Some brave Brides and Grooms have opted to entertain the crowd themselves.  These ideas can range from musical performances, dancing performances, or even acrobatic displays.  How about putting a twist on tradition?  One groom that we know of hung a net with items under a chair before the wedding.  The chair was used for the bride to sit in for the groom to remove the garter.  He entertained the crowd by pulling these items out, and making it look like it was coming from inside the bride's ball gown.

For the final entertainment of the evening, fireworks make for a great display.  Just be sure to get all of the needed permits and stay safe!