Necessities to Include on your Wedding Invitation Suite

(Photo courtesy of Misty Photography)         

(Photo courtesy of Misty Photography)




Are you unsure what to include in your invitation suite?  Many Brides get hyped up when picking the design and style that they want, but are unsure what information to include.

The first thing to include in this package is the formal invitation.  On this, you will want to make sure you have included names.  These names would be you and your fiance, and if parents are contributing to the cause, include them as well.  While you are writing names, tell guests what you are inviting them to.  Guests will need to know if this is a wedding, or another sort of celebration.  Often times, couples get so excited that they forget to include where they are getting married on the invitation.  Write the name of the venue, as well as the address.  Many couples prefer to state the address on a separate card, but these commonly get lost, resulting in lost guests.  After the ceremony venue, include what time your ceremony begins.

If you are holding your reception at a different venue than the ceremony, you will want to include a reception card.  Include the name of the venue, address and time the reception starts.

The response card must be included so that guests can provide their responses to you.  Put the RSVP date on this card so guests know when to respond by.  If you will be providing your guests will a meal of their choice, list the options on this card so guests can indicate their choice.  A small matching envelope should accompany the response card.  On this envelope, your address should be written and a stamp provided for guest convenience.  Tip: Number your guest list and put the coordinating number on the response card.  This way, if the guest forgets to include their name, you know who it came from.

If you are planning a destination wedding or know that you will have guests from out of town, an accommodations cards can be included.  The name of the hotel, phone number and address are beneficial.

Fortunately, most stationary companies have form fill-ins so you don't have to remember everything you need to include.  Before you finalize and pay, proofread!  Proofread all of your work because you don't want to pay for something that is incorrect and then try to fix your mistakes when you're on a time constraint.  Happy Planning!