Beautiful DIY Centerpiece

For today's blog post, we are going to do a DIY project.  A little DIY is exciting for brides, and it helps to get a little anxiety out.  This DIY project is easy to accomplish, and it is fun!


Photo: Sarah Pierce

Photo: Sarah Pierce

This table centerpiece is well fitting for a rustic, country or vintage themed wedding.  First, get the amount of mason jars needed.  You can put them in other places besides the dinner tables.  Mason jars can be purchased from department stores.  However, if you're looking for your jars to be diverse or have character, hit up some tag sales or flea markets.  You'll be sure to find them in these places.  After getting your mason jars, be sure to wash them well!

Next, you'll need to find the tags.  While you'll be able to find them at department or office supply stores, they won't be stained.  The tea or coffee stain gives the tags a little personality.  You can stain them yourself using these directions from Sweet Tea Proper.  Or, you can Google and find stained hanging tags that area already done.  Once the tags are all set, it's time to label them.  You can use stencils, free hand, or calligraphy to label your pieces.  Once the tags are finished, put them to the side.

Baby's Breath makes for a great filler.  You don't need many stems to make this centerpiece look full.  Put some water in the jars, and arrange your Baby's Breath (or another floral arrangement if you desire).  Dry off the jars so your tags don't get wet.  Once dry, tie your tags on using the jute.

Now, admire.