What Do I Ask The Caterer?

Photo Courtesy of RawPixel.com

Photo Courtesy of RawPixel.com

When considering a caterer, there are many things that you need to ask them.  These questions revolve around the safety of you and your guests, menu options, what they offer, and if they will be compatible to your needs.

1.  Do you have a license or permit to operate?-  The caterer should have a permit or license with the health department.  If you intend on them serving alcohol, they should have a liquor license.

2.  Do you have liability insurance?-  This will help to reduce how much you're liable in the event that something goes wrong with food or alcohol.

3.  Are you catering any other events the same day as mine?-  While you may not be the only event that the caterer works that day, you will want to be sure that you're getting what you need on your wedding day.

4.  What do you specialize in?-  This question will help you determine if the caterer provides the food that you want.  If you're looking for BBQ and the caterer specializes in Italian, you may not want to use this caterer.

5.  What's your price range?-  Asking the price in advance gives you a good idea whether you can afford this caterer according to your budget.

6.  Can you make children's meals?  If so, what do they typically run?-  Kids often do not want to eat adult meals.  Providing something simple like chicken nuggets helps make the night run smoother for parents.

7.  Will you provide plates, napkins, drink-ware and silver-ware?-  If a caterer does not offer these things then you will need to find another way to provide them.

8.  How will the guests be served?-  Some couples have a preference how their guests will be served.  Plated, Buffet, and Family Style are the most common choices.

When considering a caterer, these are some beneficial questions for you to ask.  They will help you to figure out if your goals align with their business, and whether you should hire them.